Never forget to appreciate your children

It is normal for parents to expect some improvements towards their children behavior, motor skills, and cognitive skills. For these reasons, they download materials, purchase books, give guidance, and stimulate the children maximally. On the children side, they feel very happy to know, see, touch, and experience new things. They feel very happy when they can do something new. As parents, you are recommended to always appreciate your children once they get new thing. Although their achievement looks simple and easy for adult, it is the result of high effort.

Mostly, parents will compare their children with other children. They seem to be jealous when other children can do something and their own children cannot. Remember, each child is unique and never be the same as others. Giving appreciation is the powerful support you can do to maximize their emotional growth. While you are expressing your appreciation, your children feel that they are doing something good and supported to do another better thing or behavior. The simple words like “thank you” or “pretty good” will make your children decide something right or wrong. Again, never underestimate what your children achieve or do. Simple steps, words, and acts mean something big and meaningful. Keep supporting and appreciating your children, so that they will be directed to keep doing good behavior which you want and expect.

However, sometimes your children seem to behave uncontrollable and do not want to follow your guidance. In this case, you need to be patience and not to be panic. Screaming or yelling will not help both of you at all. Remember, you are the role model of your children. If you want them to behave nicely, it is a must for you to do so. Once you are yelling, they will think it is allowed and normal to do. Yelling is not the antonym of appreciating. You teach nothing by yelling but you teach more things by appreciating. Guide your children passionately and surely give your appreciation when they are on the right path.

Reducing tiresome while parenting your toddler

Many women and men cannot describe how happy they are for having adorable toddler. They are very proud and always want to do the best in parenting their toddlers. What about you? Yes, your entire world will be brightened with the existence of your toddler. But, one thing you have to note is you will face very tiring days. People with no experience in parenting the toddler will never believe that it is very exhausting. Why? It is tiring because you need more energy, more awareness, more speaking, more carefulness, more patience, and of course more works to do. Your brain need to work harder and more accurately than before.

After grooming your toddler in the morning, you are supposed to be ready for feeding her. Then, you will spend the day running after for her. If the weather is nice, you may ask her to play outside or take a walk in the play ground. There is a chance that she will be a little bit cranky. You have always to keep your eye towards her to make sure she is safe and does everything well. Since your toddler is supposed to be active, you need to think of the ways to avoid boredom. Once she gets bored, she will start crying and does want to follow your direction. Remember, you still have the household chores to do, right? What a totally exhausting day.

So, what to do then? Choose the activities that need less energy such as reading books or drawing. You need to prepare books, crayon, and drawing book. These two activities can be done by sitting in a couch. Or you can prepare small table for coloring and drawing activities. Another option is asking her to sing or memorizing a song. Indeed, this makes you speak more, but you do not have to walk or run around. Keeping your toddler active is very important, but you need to have a little time for having a cup of tea, take a rest for a moment, and do household chores.

Important issues in single parent household

In today’s world, no one will think negatively to someone who decides to be single parent. People will never judge someone simply because she or he is a single parent. Also, more people seem to be more supportive and help single parents when they need help. Meanwhile, there are some important issues that most single parents have to face, so that you can take these as consideration. First, you will be the one who is responsible to the household chores.

For the daily routines, such as cooking, cleaning the house, keeping the yard, and washing the dishes, there will be no significant problem. But, it will be a little bit difficult for single mother to deal with the leaking faucet or roof, changing the wallpaper, and even fixing the broken cabinet. They are considered as man’s job and very little women who are interested in handling those jobs. Hiring the persons to do these will cost some money. On the other hand, single father will also face difficulties when it is the time to deal with certain tasks associated to women’s.

Another issue is you need to find the best childcare for your children. It happens because you cannot take your children to work unless you work at home. Childcare equals to spending more money. Since it is only you as the income source, you need to be wise in choosing the best childcare. Automatically, financial becomes another issue you have to face. Try to manage your time carefully, so that you will be able to handle everything on your hand and be happy with your kids as single parent.

Make your teens trust you

When you read newspaper or magazines, you should notice to the section which explains about teens and their world. It has to be done especially for you who have children and teens. Your children will be teens in a couple years to come, so that you have to start searching what happen to the teens lately. Of course, if you have teens, you are supposed to read more sources about teens’ world. The information will avoid you from getting trouble in parenting your teens. Mostly, you will compare your teens and your teenager era. Yes, basically teenagers are the same. They want to be recognize as adult and grow quickly, rebel the home regulation you have made, do not want to be restricted in doing something, fall in love, go dating, beautify themselves, dress like adult, etc.

However, the era is different. You cannot treat your teens exactly the same as your parents treated you two or three decades ago. So, you need to adjust yourself to make sure you are on the same path with your teens. One key that you never forget is having regular and qualified communication. Let them state their opinion towards certain matter and choose the things they like and want to do. As the role model for your teens, you need to have good communication with your parents. They will see how well you talk and how close you with your parents. Since you have been in the teens’ position before, it does not mean that you know everything about their world. Keep talking and discussing and be their friends. In case a problem appears, do not judge negatively before you think wisely and see the root of the problem. This is the way your teens will respect you.

If you have personal problem that turns your life negatively, try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Your life will affect your teens’ life and psychological side significantly. They should recognize you as positive person, so they will have positive point of view toward you. Remember, your teens will automatically look for you as the support base. You are the one who can be trusted by your teens.