Showing your affection is a must

When people are talking about affection, they have already known the meaning and surely believed that they have given and shown enough affection to their children. However, all of them are not relatively true. Affection basically can be described as the feeling of owning that is completed with love. You will precisely say “yes” or “sure” when another people ask you about your love to your children. What about the affection? Perhaps you will also answer “yes”. But, how do you show your affection to your children? Do they feel that affection? Is that enough?

Showing affection is a must to do because your children will constantly do and search the ways, so that you will love them always. Most parents will think that giving affection can be done by kissing, saying good morning, helping them in their daily activities, taking them to play ground, purchasing various toys, and many more. Yes, all of these examples are correct. But remember, you have to do it with the whole hearted you posses. Your children will feel whether your affection is natural or a kind of obligation from parents to children. You cannot lie or pretend to be full of affection to them. It means your affection should be derived from the bottom of your heart.

What happen if you show a fake affection to your children? There many possibilities toward this matter. Probably they will search other people to be loved such as grandma, nanny, aunty, or others. Or, they will pretend to behave negatively just to get your attention and affection. They will not do what you say or tell them. Based on these examples, you have no choice except showing your sincere affection to your children as much and as early as possible.

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