Be available for your children

Starting to live as a parent will make you feel very happier than before. You are going to see many different things everyday and be surprised when your children have new achievements. It seems that the feeling cannot be described fully simply because there is no word can describe the happiness of being parents. But, it is not enough. You need to increase your parenting skills gradually to make sure that you treat your children well.

What some people do is remembering their childhood period and applying their parents’ parenting methods to the children. Well, it is not relatively true because the era is different. Some methods can be applied but some others cannot. If your parents are always beside you and present on your special events, you need to do the same to your children. Yes, you should be available for your children although you feel that you are busy and have hectic days.

Available does not mean that you accompany them watch the favorite TV program or read story book before sleeping. It means that you need to spend enough quality time, so that your children feel that they are important to you. Try to smile and happy in front of them although you have bad day on your office. Your children will not care whether you have good or bad day. They will not understand your work difficulties and problems. What they need is the same smile and affection from you. Indeed, it is impossible to be available all the time, but good time management will save both of you and keep the bond between you and your children.

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