Being your teens friend is a good option

As parents, of course you cannot have total control on your children especially your teens. You need to work and do other activities. If you are too busy and cannot manage your time for the family, you are the one who will get the disadvantages. In this stage, your teens need you more because they are on the transition era from the children to the adult. Being teenagers makes them need more support and mentoring. Remember the time when you were teenager and how your parents treated you. Today, you have to promise yourself that you are going to be better than your parents.

Then, what you should do? A good option is being your teens’ friend even their close friend. If you think it is impossible, you are wrong. Being your teens’ friend is possible as long as you have good communication skill. Why don’t you go online and see what films do the teens like nowadays? What books are popular? What topics are good? What songs are commonly sung? Who are the teens’ idols? What games are interesting? What sports are challenging? What clothes are trending today? And surely there are many more questions. Those are the basic teens’ interest that you should know for the conversation topic. When your teens know about that, they will feel you are beside them and be their friends.

Most teenagers do not like to go or hang out with their parents. They feel it is not cool anymore. So, this is your duty to make hanging out become nice and cool. Why don’t you ask your teen and his friends to go camping on weekend? Or you can ask them to go to the nearest lake and fish there. Outdoor activities will be so lovely and make you tighten the bond between you and your teen. Additionally, you can also know your teen’s friends and communicate to their parents. Another plus of course! If your teen like cooking, ask her and her friends to drop by and enjoy the favorite family dishes. In this case, you have lots of ideas to make sure you are one of your teens’ friends.

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