Spend more time with your ADHD child

It is normal for parents who have ADHD children to feel sorry. They may be frustrated at the beginning. However, it should never happen too long on you because you are the only person your child needs to rely on. Your struggle should be started as soon as possible because your child needs immediate treatment. Besides taking her to the doctor, psychologist, and special schools for getting ADHD treatment, you also need to know what to do at home. She will spend more time and do lots of activities with you. After several times you will feel that your life is not that bad. You will get accustomed with the routine and timetable.

Spending more time with your ADHD child means you are on the way to increase your child self capability because you always monitor each step she does. Also, you will keep stimulating and talking to her. Regular stimulation will keep her on treatment even when she is going to bed. Indeed, sometimes you will have difficulties in taking your child to bed because she does not understand yet about sleeping time. Daily activities such as playing games, bathing, eating, watching movie, and others can be the tools for her training and treatment.

Home treatment has the possibility to work more because the trainers are the persons who love your child unconditionally. During dinner, you can guide her step by step the way to eat properly. Your couple can be your partner who will add something you miss. After dinner can be the movie or reading book time. The warmth in the family is surely the powerful treatment of your ADHD child. There is a time when your child will get cranky. It can be an expression of boredom or asking attention. Keep calm and analyze the source quickly to determine the treatment soon. Again, spending more time with your ADHD child will be much more meaningful for you and your child.

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