New challenges with ADHD children

Your life will be filled with new challenges after you know that you are raising children with ADHD. If other people think that ADHD children are a kind of disaster, you should not think that way. Keep in mind that your children are not odd or stupid. They are energetic, positive, talented and smart in other way. They are more than other children. If you totally wrong if you think negatively about your children. They never want to live with ADHD condition. It happens because there is chemical imbalance in their body. Each child has their own ADHD types and level. This situation makes them difficult to control their actions and thoughts effectively. Sometimes, they cannot concentrate in doing something.

Since your children behavior cannot be predicted and sometimes uncontrollable, you need to maintain your physical and emotional condition. The important point is they have to keep busy the interesting activities. Of course, it is your task as parents to find something interesting for them. An activity which is interesting for other children is not always interesting for your children. Provide enough stimulus and motivation while they are doing the task. Your voice should be clear and loud enough. There is a possibility of misinterpretation of your instruction.

If your children are difficult to concentrate, manage the room or home setting properly, so that there are few distractions. Simple thing like the ticking watch can ruin the entire activities. Observe carefully so that you will find the items which are able to distract your children because it will be difficult to restart the activities once your children get distracted. After having one or two sessions, you and your child may take a rest. Have some tea and snacks and you can use this session for evaluation. In case your child does not have significant improvement, do not give up. Everything done by your child is the best. She or he has worked and tried hard to understand your command and do the tasks. Keep thinking positively and be patience because you are on your way to be better person through challenged by your ADHD child.

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